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If we were talking about people, wed call it a preschooler but since it is a fair, we might say that after 5 years its on its feet, that it has an audience and that the presenters were satisfied with the last five years. What is important for this small and charming fair is that it is growing not just in size but that the quality is on the rise as well. The number of countries that are first-time presenters and that have chosen the Place2go fair for their premiere is the best proof of it. Apart from that, in 2017 we will host you in Arena Zagreb, the most atractive hall in Croatia.

PLACE2GO 2017 (March 17 – March 19, 2017 in Arena Zagreb)

Since the last years B2B Friday Morning proved to be very successful, this years fair will have a business Friday as well. During bussiness hours, that will last from 9 am to 4 pm, you will be able to invite all your bussiness partners and do bussiness because the fair will be closed for public at the time. The weekend is reserved for the travelers  and those who enjoy travelling. And what kind of a fair would it be without the professional travelers who have prepared interesting reports for the upcoming fair. However, we can not tell all the secrets so find out more at